WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief Charity Auction

WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief Charity Auction, Bret's bidding page:


Hitman Shades video submission contest winners!

Thanks to all the fans who submitted videos for the Hitman shades contest! Bret has watched all the video submissions and decided the winners are:


1st Place: Harlan Logan 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6k2vAnFSQc&feature=youtu.be


2nd Place: Girard Tecson

Video: Part 1:  http://youtu.be/snqAMYzGsbs?hd=1 Part 2: http://youtu.be/Fo-TuJ0zgEU?hd=1


3rd Place: Joe Munafo

The Hitman's Blog Aug 9/2011

Nattie and Bret In SA

I've taken the month of August to chill out and enjoy the best summer Calgary's seen in a while. It's been a cool but blurring couple of months going all the way back to the recent WWE tour of South Africa. The trip there, in itself, was exhausting; but from the minute my feet hit the ground, I couldn't get enough of Cape Town again.  I hadn't been back there since 1997. It was such a cool time for me back then as babyface/heel defending my title against The Undertaker.  The audience was basically split between us, which made my heel turn as an American basher so special.  Fans around the world for the most part stayed loyal to me as intended, despite a sneaky effort to ruin me however and whenever the time came. But back in a new free South Africa in 1997, the newly enlightened WWE fans cheered me on anyway. This really allowed WWE to fans think about and ultimately choose their heroes. Some of the best memories I ever had.  


Hitman and Groberman Weekly Radio Show


Hitman and Groberman Show Tuesdays 9-11pm Eastern: www.bretandjosh.com

Update Nov 8, 2010


 I have to apologize for not getting more blogs done in the past few  weeks, but it's been nothing short of a miracle this year with some  absolutely gorgeous fall weather.  I hadthe thrill of being home for the entire World Series and it brought  back my boyhood spirit watching baseball with my wife, Stephanie, both  of us longtime Giants fans for so manyyears finally having our moment.


  It was great watching NFL Sunday relatively undisturbed.  I like  Favre, but I think the surprise Super Bowl winner will be the NY  Jets.  I like the Raiders and I like McNabb.  I like the Ravens.  I  change my mind and think it'll be the Steelers.  But, then again,  don't bet against those Saints.  As far as the CFL, I predicted at the  beginning of the season it would be aGrey Cup showdown between the Alouettes and my beloved Stampeders.   Looks like I'm still on track to be right.  Stamps will win.


Bret Hart Fan Club Email Sign-Up. FREE HITMAN SHIRTS

Hitman Fans, here is your chance to get a free shirt from our store. We are starting an Email fan club that will allow our members to get updates on Bret's appearances, Autograph signings, Merchandise sales and much more.

We will be giving away a free Tshirt to 10 randomly selected people who sign up to the Fan Club until Oct 25th.

The signup link for the fan club is at www.brethart.com/store on the lower left below the menu.



Hitman Online Store Summer Sale Continued!


Our online store Summer Sale will be continued until the end of August. All orders will ship with an original autographed 8x10 brothers gotta hug picture. visit Bret's online store here for more info

Update Feb 14, 2010

Firstly, I'd like to say how great it is watching Canada compete in the Winter Olympics this year. Canadian pride is swollen to an all- time max and I have high expectations on how Canada will do this year. It's a shame that tragedy struck so quickly with the death of the Georgian luger and, like all Canadians and people around the world, my heart goes out to his family and his fellow countrymen. In a sad but odd way, I know how it feels watching someone you love die in front of the world doing something they love. Go Canada Go! Show the world what we're made of!

As far as the WWE goes, all I can say is where the heck is Jim Ross?

Hart Family DVD Update

It's been especially rewarding watching the rough cut of the new Hart Family DVD coming out by the WWE in April with candid interviews by several of my sisters and brothers, who offer interesting perspectives on things that even I didn't know. This video will impress any fans that knew and loved my family. The research of footage is as impressive as any DVD project undertaken by WWE Home Video. Clips of the old Stampede days both in black and white and in color, along with rare family photos and personal interviews with varying brothers and sisters, bring back memories of imagery from Hart House family dinners, the dungeon, the Victoria Pavilion, and even Clearwater Beach. This April, I'll proudly put this DVD next to my favorites in my collection.


Facebook Profile

Greetings Hitman fans, I have created my first Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000646872380&ref=search&sid=100000646872380.2331036081..1 

Please feel free to add me as a friend to recieve news updates, etc.  Please report any other profiles as fake! Thx!


Harry, Nattie and JoJo

Harry Nattie, Jojo

"I had a chance to catch up with Nattie and Harry (Natalya and David Hart Smith in WWE) this past weekend and I had my first chance to show off my Chinese fighting dog, Jojo.  Even Harry was impressed with the wrestling knowledge that my dog possesses and Jojo surprised him with his takedowns and submission holds.  He was curious to know how Jojo would fare in his upcoming tournament.where he'll put on an exhibition against Guido Sanchez a young chihuahua who has his orange belt and has won several bouts with his finisher leg lock. Animal activists will be glad to know Jojo has never gone to the throat yet, and tends to let his opponents up after scoring his pinfall or a submission.

Calgary Hitmen 15 Year Anniversary

Calgary Hitmen 15th Anniversary

"It was great being invited back to drop the puck for the Calgary Hitmen this past Sunday for the 15th anniversary celebration. I had a great time at the game and though, unfortunately, the Hitmen lost their first game of the season, they're presently tearing up the league with a 6-1 record and have been touted as the number one ranked junior team in Canada for the third year in a row. I want to wish them all the best for what looks like another great season and I recommend to all classic Hitman fans to check out the cool throwback jerseys. It was what I envisioned all along. Let's go Hitmen!" -Bret


Check out pics from the event here

Hitman Productions Announcement RE: Marcy Englestein

To everyone:

After 10 years as my assistant and personal coordinator, it is with deep regret that Marcy Englestein is stepping down from her duties.  I know many friends and fans will miss her.  Marcy will continue to assist me in various writing projects but I wanted to take this time on behalf of myself and those who got to work with her to wish her continued success in the years ahead.

-B. Hart

Nice article from Slam on Nattie, Harry & TJ ( Natalya, David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd...:-)



"Everyone's got to face down the demons.

Maybe today...We can put the past away!"

-From Jumper, Third Eye Blind

When the music hits, the first few notes will send a shiver down fans' spines. The familiar sound that was the beginning of Bret Hart's entrance music will stir fans' emotions.

Alberta will have a home team again.

Miami Herald interview; May 16, 2009


Former WWE star Bret The Hitman Hart creates another smash hit




      Bret's book debuted at #5 on the UK Sunday Times bestseller list last weekend - and Bret arrived  over there after that for book signings in England and Ireland. 

      UK fans, Bret thanks you for this fabulous book release and he looks forward to meeting you all at the book signings.   By the way, you don't have to wait until a signing to buy a book.  Pick up your copy now and bring it along to the signing.  (Keep your receipt, if possible).

        Hey, how does that old Hitman soccer chant go - complete with stomp and clap?  We Want The Hit- MAN !!      That particular chant only ever happened in the UK, you know?  (We're sure Bret would love to hear it again.....  wink wink...   Memories, eh?)

Phony Bret Hart interview from Cornelius Wilson of wrestling-edge.com

This morning Bret Hart's management became aware of an interview with Bret posted by Cornelius Wilson of wrestling-edge.com.   As Bret's management did not schedule this interview or know anything about it we asked Bret if he had, in fact, done the interview.  He said he did no such interview.  The so-called interview is completely phony.

Bret's on CBC Radio This Sunday morning, April 5, 2009 - AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE

Join Bret and CBC radio host Russell Bowers on the Daybreak morning show when Bret calls in from Hawaii for a talk about the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania and the wrestling business today.


Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 8:30AM (MT).

On the radio across Alberta;         Calgary 1010 AM      EDMONTON  740 AM


Worldwide at www.cbc.ca/radio/








Bret's interview with Gabe Ricard of unlikelystries.org

 Bret's interview with Gabriel Ricard, Assistant Editor at www.unlikelystories.org/ricard0409.shtml


Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling

Gabriel Ricard reviews the book and interviews the author


When I was a kid, I always wanted a pair of those Bret Hart sunglasses.

National Post (Canadian national daily newspaper) quotes Bret on the death of Andrew Martin & the wrestling biz


Wrestling Demons


Matthew Coutts,  National Post 

Ian Jackson/Canwest News Service

Saturday, March 28, 2009 


Andrew Martin was a strong, handsome 33-year-old man who was still close to his Ontario family.


Bret signing copies of his book for fans


 Tuesday,      April 14 -  Newcastle, UK             book signing


 Tuesday,      April 14 -  Manchester, UK           book signing


 Wednesday, April 15 -  Liverpool, UK               book signing


March 4, 2009 - Bret interview with RVD - today at 7PM MST

Bret will be chatting with his friend Rob Van Dam. Log in at 7PM mountain time.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rvdradio

Friday, February 20 - ESPN.com interview

On Friday, February 20 Bret is scheduled to be interviewed by Jonathan P. Robinson.  We'll let you know when the interview will be posted.

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