Update June 26, 2010

As far as the recent lawsuit filed by Martha, I'm working on a detailed response that I will post soon, but I think my fans might be a little surprised at my take on things. Aside from that, I know that the WWE Universe is more than curious to know what my status is anymore and the truth is nobody knows, including me. There are a lot rumors out there about me and all I can say is that they're rarely true. I will have some major announcements forthcoming, but right now I'm going to keep the lid on things because I'm not looking for any distractions.

All I can really say is that life is pretty good for me these days as I rejoice at being a grandpa, the constant deep appreciation for the love and support of my fans all around the world, and my upcoming 53rd birthday next week. I can make this promise to everyone that is wondering about me, that my never-ending drive to carry on being a man bent on standing up to evil hasn't come to an end...not yet anyway. Too bad Italy sucked a big one at the World Cup! Go USA!

For those fans who are looking to add some Hitman gear to their collection, I will be having a month long sale at my online store starting on July1-31. We will have some new shirts, including a fan demanded retro winged skull shirt, posters and much more! Free autographed 8x10 pic during the online sale! We have lined up with a new screening company to make some of our most popular designs more affordable for all Hitman fans! Enjoy! Thanks for the continued support!