Bret Hitman Hart’s Vintage Shades Video Challenge! - Extended until June 15th

We are hosting a YouTube submission contest for “Bret Hitman Hart's Vintage Shades Video Challenge”. Submit your videos wearing the new or old Hitman shades to our facebook page: and email your video link, along with your first and last name to

Some of Bret’s video suggestions are:
-Infomercial for using the shades while cutting onions to protect your eyes
-Using the shades while playing football on a sunny day.

We are looking for funny, original videos that are anywhere from 15 seconds to a couple minutes in length. Please don’t do anything dangerous or inappropriate!

Bret will personally select his Top 5 Videos and prizes will be awarded as follows: 

5th Place: Hitman sporting the jacket T-Shirt and autographed pair of Hitman Shades.
4th Place: Hitman rockin’ the Shade’s T-Shirt and autographed pair of Hitman Shades
3rd Place: Personalized autographed Hitman Shades.
2nd Place: 5 Minute Skype call with Bret & Personalized autographed DVD
1st Place: 15 Minute Skype Call with Bret, Personalized autographed Hitman shades and Autographed Calgary Hitmen Jersey

Winners will be announced on June 15th


visit for info on the new Hitman shades